Boråstapeter Launches Eastern Simplicity
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The Eastern Simplicity wallpaper collection pays homage to the Asian tradition of handmade patterns, simplicity and authenticity. Boråstapeter has chosen to interpret the trend in a modern, Scandinavian way. Presenting wallcoverings that bring to mind textiles and traditional craftmanship, organic patterns and mythical landscapes.

We live our lives with an emphasis on time. Consider how important it is therefore to have a place to take a mindful breath. To create a peaceful and authentic home, where the imperfect is beautiful and time passes by. A balance between refined traditions and stylish trends is found with the perspective of a slower pace.This collection has a muted colour scheme that creates a beautiful harmony in your room. Create a backdrop for the style-conscious home with a timeless feeling.

“We have been inspired by Asian tradition and craftmanship. The work of the hand, simplicity, authenticity and beauty. Eastern Simplicity is simplicity with a modern Scandinavian perspective. We have made patterns and colours that give harmony and decorative beauty over a long period of time. Our Scandinavian style has a lot in common with the Japanese and Asian trends of today. Minimalist, clean and naturally simple. Nature is always present, the materials are tactile and the imperfect is beautiful” says Ingela Wingborg, Senior Designer, Boråstapeter.

Eastern Simplicity is available in stores from the end of September. The wallpapers are made in Boråstapeter’s own factory in the textile city of Borås where sustainability is in focus. Production takes place completely without hazardous substances and with the least possible environmental impact. All colours used are water-based and the material comes from sustainable forestry in Northern Europe.