Christopher Farr

The fabric division of Christopher Farr was founded in 2000. The collection currently comprises over 60 designs of prints and weaves, utilizing the highest qualities of cloth, from combed Egyptian cottons and Belgian linens to acrylic dyed fabrics suitable for outdoor use. The printed collection is produced in the UK, a large part of which is hand printed by the same family-owned company that produced the original designs by Michael Szell, that forms an important part of the current collection. With an exciting stable of designers and artists such as Kit Kemp, Javier Mariscal Kate Blee, Ilse Crawford and Ptolemy Mann, Christopher Farr continues to expand the collection based on the same principles of artistic experimentation, a willingness to explore and to experiment with new techniques.

Baker Lifestyle

Baker Lifestyle is a diffusion range of young, fresh and pretty designs, which are both adaptable and accessible. The collections are filled with witty and whimsical prints, relaxed informal weaves, botanical embroideries and crewelwork on soft linens and crisp cottons. The palette ranges from exuberant brights to the more gentle soft green, pink, aqua and taupe.