James Malone

Between the mountains and the Mediterranean Sea, at the southernmost point of Europe and nestling amidst bougainvillea and olive trees are the headquarters of James Malone Fabrics. One can sense the inspiration of the south that is so present in James’s collections and can understand why he has chosen this location to interact with the rest of the world.

Originally from London, James arrived in Málaga at the age of 19 and by chance, discovered his passion for textile design. Since then and throughout his professional life, he has not ceased to feed his spirit with contrasts and with the curiosity of one who lives trying to capture the essence of his surroundings. His creations have been impregnated with the crossing of cultures, accumulation of experiences, memories of his childhood mixed with his experiences in Andalusia. In the collection there are winds of west and east, brushstrokes of the African horizon, crossings of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Since the birth of the brand in 2011, in addition to owner, James is also the creative director. His work begins and ends in the fabric itself, to which he dedicates himself in body and soul always pursuing authenticity, aware that fabrics are capable of transmitting sensations to the places they inhabit.

In creative development James is determined by his investigative spirit, he is obstinate, experimenting with infinite trials until he reaches the exact design, colour, texture and finish expected, a process that can sometimes take years. Creativity is the driving force of the company and consequently its main engine. James is involved in the entire development process, using yarns unique to his textiles and collaborating with master craftsmen to weave them for him.

The final results never cease to astonish him and whilst completely novel, his new designs hold a signature that reappear throughout the collection. Natural fibers such as linen, wool and bamboo are ever present in his unconventional prints and structured jacquards with a hinted tribal accent, all of which are part of the characteristics of James Malone Fabrics. The collection is rounded off with sophisticatedly woven plains, voiles with a touch of fantasy and wallpapers inspired by his textile designs.

In essence, very personal and exclusive creations for a client who knows how to understand and enjoy them with the same passion with which they were conceived.


Aldeco Interior Fabrics, is a Portuguese Textile brand. We are editors and textile specialists, we create and offer a variety of fabrics for the different decoration and interior architecture market segments.

Our collections stand out for the originality of their concepts, often inspired by the world’s heritage and culture. Our collections are developed by our Design Department with passion and innovation and always in tune with fashion trends.

We create irreverent concepts through original fabrics that obey very demanding standards regarding design and quality, such as the technical characteristics of upholstery and curtain fabrics such as blackouts, fire retardant fabrics in their respective worldwide certification standards, Intelligent fabrics easy-to-clean (stain resistant), water-repellent, acoustic, highly resistant to wear (abrasion) and sun.

Our goal to grow and successfully prevail, to be global without forgetting our identity and professionalism that makes us unique.

Paolo Moschino

The design style of Paolo Moschino Ltd has continued to evolve over the years. Whilst the firm was initially grounded in the principles of English design, the worldly aesthetic of Paolo and Philip has brought a more international point of view to its projects. The partners also have a clear vision: It’s essential to establish the difference between interior design and simply furnishing a house. They like to create the bones, to think about the interior architecture, to consider how everything works together.

Architecture takes a great deal of effort, should be perfect and look perfect; interior design requires equal amount of effort and should be perfect, yet never look perfect. Perfection in architecture is beautiful, but when it comes to interior design, it can lack personality and look very sterile. Paolo and Philip are consistently drawn to the idiosyncratic—interiors that are elegant but with an unexpected twist. They are always hoping to create that special element of surprise and humour.

Mind the Gap

Surrounded by a cultural melting pot of crafts and traditions, our artistic identity is rooted in the captivating homeland of Transylvania. Evocative and individual, our eclectic home decor collections take inspiration from our region’s diverse ethnic heritage, rich cultural history and authentic wanderer’s spirit.

From the unseen and undiscovered to the instantly recognisable and iconic, we pay homage to art, architecture, artefacts, culture, rituals and people from all four corners of the globe. Created with appreciation for the history of art and design, our collections show different styles with a strong identity inspired by the marvellous creations of mankind. Led by founder Stefan ORMENISAN, our design team creates vintage, classical, traditional and contemporary looks, generating a unique bohemian lifestyle that encapsulates the spirit of wanderlust of our birthplace.

Our products are rich in details with high quality finishing and unique embellishments. We design and produce premium home furnishings inspired by the traditions and craftsmanship of our ancestors. All our products are manufactured by using finest quality materials provided by top makers around the globe. The natural linen comes from Belgium, the leather is sourced from the best tanners of Italy, the cotton velvet is made in England and the wallpaper substrate is produced in Germany and Finland, and printed in Transylvania.

We are not just makers of wallpaper or fabrics. We are creators of moods, stories and lifestyles. A world of intriguing combinations and endless creativity, our luxury wallcoverings, fabrics, furniture and home accessories are timeless pieces that enrich our lives with beauty and style.


Classic, contemporary wallpapers for inspiring décors

Boråstapeter is Sweden’s oldest and by far best-known and best-selling brand of wall coverings. Against a classic, timeless background we continuously develop our brand to satisfy the market’s interest in designs, colours and textures – Boråstapeter aims to be an inspiring role model in the wallpaper market.

Sketch Twenty3

SketchTwenty3 is a luxury wallcoverings studio based in the North West of England. Since 2011, SketchTwenty3 has been delivering lavish collections of deluxe, contemporary wallcoverings to the interior market providing customers with a new decorative experience and excellent customer service. Some of the most recent collections can be viewed in the collections catalogue https://sketchtwenty3.com/high-end-luxury-wallpaper-collections-from-sketch-twenty-3/

Tim Wilman, Creative Director and Founder, has amassed over 4 decades of experience within the luxury interiors market, pouring all of this knowledge into the creation of the SketchTwenty3 brand. Tim developed his meticulous eye for colour from the young age of 15, training as an apprentice specialising in hand-painted wallpaper. From here he pursued his passion for quality design and craftsmanship into the Parisienne luxury industry. Working alongside the top design houses along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Tim supplied lavish artworks to the most exclusive clients including YSL and Christian Dior.

After absorbing inspiration in Paris, Tim returned to the UK to set up his own design studio and went on to become Art Director of Coloroll. In 2000 he founded ArtHouse, one of the worlds leading wallpaper suppliers which he then sold, in 2011, before setting up SketchTwenty3 as a luxury wallcoverings studio.

 Tim has gathered together an experienced, passionate team who pride themselves on creating inspirational designs and are dedicated to supplying quality products with efficient and dependable service.