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About de Gournay

de Gournay is renowned for its original collection of striking 18th century Chinoiserie designs that bring spaces to life with colourful flora and fauna. Responding to demands for more contemporary wallpapers de Gournay later introduced its dramatic Japanese & Korean and Eclectic collections featuring stunning hand-gilded gold and silver paper-backed silk backgrounds. de Gournay also has a very popular collection of 19th century French scenic designs depicting a variety of vistas from a pastoral hunting scene in Chasse to an exotic Brazilian river-scene bursting with wildlife.

de Gournay sets itself apart through its ability to customise any of its designs in line with a client’s wishes. However complicated the brief, de Gournay has the knowledge and expertise to fulfill each individual’s vision: from hand-gilding a design with 22ct gold leaf, to creating a custom colour to compliment a surrounding interior.