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About Paolo Moschino

The design style of Paolo Moschino Ltd has continued to evolve over the years. Whilst the firm was initially grounded in the principles of English design, the worldly aesthetic of Paolo and Philip has brought a more international point of view to its projects. The partners also have a clear vision: It’s essential to establish the difference between interior design and simply furnishing a house. They like to create the bones, to think about the interior architecture, to consider how everything works together.

Architecture takes a great deal of effort, should be perfect and look perfect; interior design requires equal amount of effort and should be perfect, yet never look perfect. Perfection in architecture is beautiful, but when it comes to interior design, it can lack personality and look very sterile. Paolo and Philip are consistently drawn to the idiosyncratic—interiors that are elegant but with an unexpected twist. They are always hoping to create that special element of surprise and humour.