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The month of June saw the launch of some very exciting local St Leger & Viney collections as well as a host of new ranges from our prestigious international brands.



Sub-Tropical, a lush outdoor collection inspired by verdant jungles, island paradises as well as the luxuriant flora and fauna of the tropics.

Luxe Textures

Chunky boucle & linen-look textiles guaranteed to add a touch of luxury to any space.

Savvy Checks & Stripes

Timeless Checks & Stripes to go with any scheme.




Solstice celebrates the organic simplicity in nature. A charming collection of prints, each design has been curated by hand in the Blendworth studio, emulating artisan print techniques. 



With 9 large emblematic designs, this collection revisits fabrics from several African regions while giving a voice to embroidery and weaving: the eclecticism of the techniques and the stitches used contrasts with the simplicity of the geometric patterns, also obtained through printing.


Two raw and authentic designs, featuring linen: one is thick and textured, the other crafted in a monochrome patchwork.


This collection brings together airy or structured sheers as well as embroidered, painted, printed fabrics and those which have been crafted contrasting opacity and transparency.


This collection plays on irregularity and handcrafted references. Structured jute, fancy linen, looped or braided wool, jacquard and exceptional weaves.



The Portobello collection is quietly elegant, offering a sophisticated twist on the trend for relaxed, country living and is designed to create an atmosphere of comfort and ease.


Country Journal

Hand painted alliums and grasses, chalky colour palettes based on heritage paints, and natural cotton linen look prints – a modern twist on classic floral designs.

Silk Road

Rich and decadent colour palettes and an eclectic mix of Eastern inspired designs influenced by the trade routes connecting the East to the West. This collection captures the essence of 16th century textiles and intricate patterns which have travelled through the continents.

Victorian Glasshouse

This collection captures the grand flora and fauna admired from the 19th to early 20th century and showcases large scale digitally printed foliage, woven cotton stripes and stunning jacquard geometrics.


Toile Baptiste

A toile based on the work of Jean Baptiste Huet, the most successful engraver at the original Toile de Jouy factory in France. Thus the name TOILE BAPTISTE.


A light and breezy pattern of butterflies, birds and flowers, based on a French cotton dress print found in the V&A collection. Thought to have been made at the original Toile de Jouy factory in late 18th century.


Based on our popular NANTES pattern. This time printed with a new texture on Scottish linen cotton, so lighter weight and more versatile than the original matelassé and coloured to work with all colourways of Toile Baptiste.


Sundance Villa

Inspired by the tranquil elegance of the coastal lifestyle.

Transylvanian Roots


Long Weekend

An eclectic collection of prints, stripes, embroidery and velvet that embody the spirit of adventurous travel, sporting prowess, exoticism and decadence of the luxurious golden age of the English Country House parties of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Stripes II

Six smart stripes inspired in part by exotic textiles and artisanal, handcraft techniques.

Mulberry Velvets

A luxurious cotton velvet in 21 colours ranging from soft golds and honeyed neutrals through warmer russets and ochres to rich emeralds and berry reds.

Wools IV

‘Wools IV’ is a compendium of five soft wool plaids and checks woven in Scotland. The collection ranges from light to heavier weight weaves and simple tonal plaids through to multi-coloured designs.



This timeless collection, gathering inspiration from around the world, is about traveling within and embracing the world’s hidden gems inside your home.



Canopy is a collection of fresh and brightly colored coordinating fabric and wallcoverings that channels the spirit of Springtime. Whimsical designs—many revived from antiques of the early 20th century—include large-scale botanicals, organic motifs and geometric shapes, and novelty patterns that are delightfully inviting.

Natural Resource 3

Natural Resource Volume 3 is full of specialty wallcoverings meticulously crafted with wonderfully natural fibers and materials that are unique and tactile. Exotic and glamorous yet handcrafted in nature, these refined designs instantly elevate with sustainable style. This collection of natural wallcoverings is effortlessly elegant while organic and approachable.