St Leger & Viney: Spotlight on David Ralphs and Peter Gordon
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David Ralphs And Peter Gordon

The world of fabrics is continually evolving. Each season we see a new display of colours, textures and more that influence our interior styles. In keeping with the latest trends in fabric offerings, we chatted to the leading innovators from St Leger & Viney about the inspirations behind the brand.

Let’s hear from the innovators behind this phenomenal brand. We asked David Ralphs, managing director of St Leger & Viney, and Peter Gordon, creative director, about what influences and inspires the brand today.

  1. What is your go to classic colour choice?
    David: Most recently a living room that I did at home was in a combination of neutrals, knocked back teal blue, tarnished gold with some yellow thrown in. The combination is vibrant but relaxed and I’m really enjoying it.
    As an all-time colour choice I have always found the combination of green and white to be wonderfully uplifting.
    Peter: I love blue. I wear blue, I have a blue study and I’m passionate about blue and white porcelain both old and new pieces.
  2. Is there a hotel, interior or building that most inspires your work?
    David: For timeless sophistication and a combination of bold colour, beautiful fabrics and superb craftsmanship I would say the Oyster Box in Umhlanga. For me it is reminiscent of gracious hotels on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.
    Peter: I find an eclectic mix of cultures and styles a huge inspiration and I’m particularly moved when they are confidently combined in a seamless stylish interior. The Ham Yard Hotel in Soho London is the epitome of chic style and eclectic sophistication.
  3. A place you like to visit.
    David: I love to visit Arniston, a beautiful coastal village on the Western Cape coast.
    Peter: I’m always excited to visit London.
  4. Where do you go to spot new styles?
    David: My work with St Leger & Viney takes me to London Design week and to Paris Deco Off each year and it is here that I am exposed to the latest trends and styles. Also important is the Salone del Mobile in Milan.
    Peter: I have a background in trend forecasting so I follow tends and fashion online but most importantly I look to develop ranges that are trend relevant but most importantly resonate with our brand.
  1. Do you have a favourite restaurant?
    David: La Boqueria in Johannesburg for its eclectic décor and delicious food. In Cape Town I enjoy Black Sheep on Kloof Street and its quirky sidekick, Dark Horse.
    Peter: Anywhere where I can enjoy good food and good company.
  2. Who or what is your biggest design influence.
    David: I am inspired by the design philosophy of the Mediterranean. I admire luxurious yet restrained interiors. The contrast of sophisticated colour and strong silhouettes creates a soulful contemporary style.
    Peter: I’m very influenced by ethnic designs and the stories they tell. Each motif or design has a story, a tradition or significance. That’s what we do today, we create the threads for the tapestries of modern stories.
  3. Any interesting projects and designs you are working on?
    David: We are putting the finishing touches on an exciting new St Leger & Viney decorative collection.
    Peter: We’re working with designers and mills locally and internationally to curate future collections – I can’t wait to share the exciting new collections we have planned. Watch this space.